Business -Domestic

Sterling Lab is committed to support healthcare professionals, in meeting the increased challenges and demands of to-day's healthcare environment.

It has 200 medical Business Executives and nationwide distribution channels, to promote and distribute its Human health and Animal health products across the country.

Sterling Lab focuses on programs that are innovative, sustainable and bring real benefits to those most in need. It actively participates in health and educational programs and partnerships that aim to bring improvements to under-served patients.

Sterling Lab believes that all these activities could create value for customers, a whole better healthier environment.


Business -International

Sterling Lab exports its products (Human health & Animal health) to nearly 15 countries.

Its manufacturing site is conveniently located near International airports and shipping facilities, which allow immediate access to International markets.

Sterling Lab is also actively involved in the in-Licensing for different products of International Companies.

Sterling Lab exports brands as per importer's specifications in English, Spanish & French, apart from its own brands.